Waste Society – Current Issues in Social Scientific Waste Studies

A Keynote Series featuring Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Gay Hawkins and Hervé Corvellec

This keynote series is the closing event of our Waste Society project.

As our possibilities to leave our home countries continued to be restricted due to global pandemic, the research team was forced to find other means to engage in conversation with the collaborators. We have personally gotten tired of endless Zoom-conferences and Teams-meetings, and wanted to organize our Grande Finale differently.

Instead of an online webinar, we gathered a series of inspiring keynotes accompanied by commentaries from our collaborators, all of which are renowned and pioneering waste scholars.

The keynote lecture videos by Professors Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Gay Hawkins and Hervé Corvellec, with complementing commentary speeches by Finnish waste researchers Maria Åkerman, Karoliina Lummaa, and Olli Pyyhtinen, can be found and listened just by clicking the pictures underneath. You are welcome to participate at any time and from anywhere!

Listen to the Versus Podcast for further discussion!

In a podcast episode produced by Versus media, three PhD students continue to discuss the themes and ideas presented by our keynote speakers.

All three of them researching waste related issues, Taru Lehtokunnas, Teemu Loikkanen, and Tanja Riekkinen join the roundtable discussion to talk on i.e. multiple political realities of waste and the relationship of circular economy, recycling, consumption and wasting.

The podcast episode can be found here!

Continue the discussion on Twitter! Use hashtag #wastesociety to share your thoughts!

Photos and graphics of the web conference by Birgitta Vinkka