In this podcast by Vastapaino, city councillor and ex-member of parliament Leo Stranius (Green Party) discusses with Juho Kankaanpää about our recently published book Tervetuloa jäteyhteiskuntaan! (Welcome to Waste Society!). The podcast (in Finnish language) can be streamed from spotify , soundcloud or i-Tunes 



Finnish magazine Voima interviewedJarno Valkonen about the new book, Tervetuloa jäteyhteiskuntaan! (Welcome to Wastesociety!). The article states that our lifestyles as consumers is based on the idea that we have a right to produce waste. Because of that, we shouldn’t think waste as filth outside of us. It can be seen as a luxury we have.


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Picture: Akseli Valmunen

This is the follow-up article of our enquiry in Helsingin Sanomat around one year ago. Article, written by Anna-Stina Nykänen, draws an interesting picture of the relations, habits and emotions people experience while managing and living together with waste. The results were briefly analysed for the purpose of this newspaper article, complemented with comments by Jarno Valkonen and Teemu Loikkanen.

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Jarno Valkonen and Veera Kinnunen were interviewed in Helsingin Sanomat. Included was an enquiry (HS jätekysely) for households about their habits concerning waste. It will be appropriated for scientific research during the Waste Society -project. 

Veera Kinnunen was interviewed in Jenny + 1 show. It is available at YLE AREENA

 (Veera Kinnunen 14.14 – 15.56.)

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Picture: Enni Toiviainen/Lapin Kansa

Johanna Saariniemi and Veera Kinnunen were interviewed by Kaisa-Reetta Seppänen, who writes about young women in Lapland searching for ways to cut down on waste: Pienin askelin kohti minimalistista elämäntapaa – Lappilaisnuoret kertovat, kuinka he vähensivät jätteen määrää elämässään

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Yle: “Tunturikeskukset ratkovat jäteongelmia matkailijoiden vaatimuksesta – alkutekijöissään oleva kierrätys vaatisi roskarallia taksilla”

Levi, a big ski resort in Lapland suffers from waste management issues, especially during high season. Recycling is anticipated by the visitors, so these resorts are dealing with issues regarding growing quantities of waste.